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Farewells with Flair empower families and friends to have more input into the after-death care of a loved one.

Traditionally, funeral directors are involved once someone has died; the body is removed and may not be seen again until a viewing (which may incur extra expense to the family).

Chris, with assistance from Gai Lemon (of fiercePeace Rituals) offers you an alternative. We journey alongside you and your family to keep your loved one at home, assisting you with caring for them after-death in a respectful, familiar environment.

Why you might prefer a DIY Funeral:

  • Time is offered to say farewell without haste, in the comfort of a home environment.
  • The people closest to the person, who has died, assist in their care.
  • Some traditions believe that the Spirit takes several days to depart. The opportunity to vigil at home honours this belief.

Consulting vs Directing

Chris and Gai act as facilitators, guides and supports along the way. We work with family and friends, as part of a team, to help you organise all aspects of a D.I.Y. Funeral.


Maroochydore Q - 2009

Dear Chris,

Thank you for all that you did for Pam and me. Your caring, your thoughtfulness, your knowledge and your professionalism were, simply, wonderful.

Pam and I were extremely fortunate for a number of reasons. We loved each other so, so much. However, another reason that we were so fortunate is that Pam met you.

I miss Pam more than I could adequately quantify but I am helped greatly by knowing that your friendship with Pam was very important to her and that what you did for her, which was alternative to traditional funeral arrangements, was exactly what she wanted.

Clive Robertson


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