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A funeral is a service that is conducted with the deceasedís body present in a coffin or casket. A coffin has tapered ends and a casket is a rectangular shape.

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Why you might prefer a funeral service.

  • It is symbolic to have the farewell with the deceased present.
  • The visual impact of the coffin can help mourners.
  • The significance of the physical body of the person is highlighted.

The venue for a final farewell gathering is very significant and is restricted only by our imagination.

Private Home  Local Beach  Sporting Club

Recently I conducted a very beautiful funeral for an avid surfer in his private home
and then continued his farewell across the road with a tradition paddle out at his
local beach. I had people of all ages and beliefs come and tell me after the service
how fitting this had been and how it had truly honoured the individual they
all knew and loved.


Brisbane - 2012

Dear Chris,

Chris, thank you so much for conducting a beautiful funeral service for our baby girls. We were at such a loss as to what to do and you guided us through this very difficult time with genuine support, patience and care.

We appreciated your much needed help in organising the service and your unique ideas, such as the butterfly pictures which allowed our friends and family to be a memorable part of the service.

It really was a very special, non-religious and intimate service which met all of our wishes. Thank you always.

Jo and Rick Overton


Marcoola Q - 2007

Dear Chris,

On behalf of Malís family, and myself, I would just like to say a heartfelt thanks for your valued guidance and help during the days of the preparation of Malís funeral last December.

You brought into my home at this tragic time, serenity and peace that allowed us to make considered decisions about the way that we would like to farewell Mal and making this day a celebration of Malís life. Your suggestions gave us an opportunity to personalise our farewell with a reflection on Malís life and his love of the surf.

Holding the funeral service at our home and organising a ďpaddle outĒ from our beach were wonderful suggestions that gave our families and friends the opportunity to get together in the place that Mal loved most.

Your cheer and patience through these days was so very comforting and your management of all the small details that I hadnít thought of was invaluable. You were always a couple of steps ahead of meÖthank heavens.

Thanks again

Olwen Boaden


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